About me

A brief history

After receiving my BA in International Development from George Mason University, I could not decide if I wanted to work, volunteer, or travel abroad.
So I did all three.

I first worked, volunteered, and traveled to the Central Asian country of Tajikistan where I taught business English while also filming a local TV program, mentoring local English teachers, and hosting philosophical debates with aspiring exchange students.

Later my fascination with developing countries led me to start my own businesses in Afghanistan where I managed a logistics company, delved into marketing research, and even did advocacy work for a leading international humanitarian organization. Often, to battle my constant feeling of disempowerment, I "fixed" for award-winning journalists to make sure real human stories were being told in mainstream media: stories of suffering, injustices but also achievements and pioneering.

My recent unfettering obsession with bitcoin, blockchain, and their global impacts has led me back to the US where I studied software engineering to better understand the technology behind this phenomena.